World of Veg Cuisine is one stop solution for Celebrations at home and office.


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Terms and Conditions

Prices are exclusive of delivery charges and government taxes
Order will be confirmed with 100% advance payment.
Minimum order amount needs to be ₹3000. All our portions are good for 6 people.
For bakes, main course and other food if you want, you can send us your own platters, bowls.
Heating and serving instructions will be included with every order. You need to reheat, assemble yourself & serve your guests.
Orders are accepted between 1 pm to 8 pm everyday.
You need to place all orders atleast 48 hours prior
Transportation extra.
Additional requirements will be chargeable
Stewards to serve your party @ ₹2,000 each
Chef available @ ₹ 2,000 each for assembling the food.
Housekeeping to help you clean after your party at @ ₹ 1,500 each
Crockery, Cutlery, Chafing Dishes and Starter Platters, Napkins, Toothpicks, and Toothpick Stands at ₹ 300 per head

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Q. I am interested in owning a Gupta Brands franchise. How do I apply to become a franchisee?
A. By filling the franchise form
Q. How much will it cost to set up a Gupta Brands franchise? I am interested in owning a Gupta Brands franchise. How do I apply to become a franchisee?
A. Approx Rs. 2 crore.
Q. How Do I find the Perfect Location and What Is the Space Requirement?
A. This will happen only once we sign franchisee.
Q. Who Will Build My Location?
A. The franchisee.
Q. What support and tools are provided by Gupta Brand’s franchising system?
A. Our brand, complete training , complete flow planning and kitchen planning.
Q. How soon Can I Open and How Long Does the Process Take?
A. Round about 6 months.
Q. What is the term of the licence agreement?
A. 9 yrs.
Q. How Secure is My Information?
A. Very secured.